Augmented Reality Bake-Off : Easy AR CMS

It has been said that you know an artist has mastered their skill when they make the impossible seem easy. If that is the case, then many folks in the Easy AR CMS market have come close to mastery!

Over the last few years, if you wanted to create an AR experience, you had to be a programmer and willing to do some complicated work. An exploding AR market has put incredible pressure on the search for talent to make these wonderful AR experiences and made AR a costly effort. Many vendors have taken up the challenge to make it possible for someone who has absolutely no programming skills to create a professional AR experience that can be shared globally. AR Intelligence has taken a look at numerous established vendors to see how well they meet the mark with “Zero Programming” and “Short Learning Curve” goals –  and although the market is still very young, they’ve done a pretty good job thus far.

We have reviewed the tools:

  • Aurasma
  • Layar
  • PixLive
  • Wikitude Studio
  • ZapWorks

and present our results to you here. Have a look and let us know what you think!